Young Gattas

Bars Without Boundaries


Young Gattas is a Chicago bred, Atlanta based MC that has long been blooming her talent as one of rap music’’s most promising formi- dable forces. Gattas began her journey musical journey in middleschool, and credits many Artists (chiefly Kanye West) as her inspiration, she elaborates “My biggest influence is Kanye, simply because he embodies everything. Of course [I] love Pac, Big, Nicki and Remy; but Kanye is the one who really took his artistry to the next level. And he’s from the town so, that makes a difference too.”

Gattas says she’s always been encouraged in her environment from the beginning to pursue her artistry to the full out extent, a privilege unafforded to many. She recognizes her undeniable prowess and hunger have been the primary ingredients in enlisting such a strong and growing fan base: “I feel like the people around me have always been receptive simply because of pure skill. Even in high school rapping in cyphers, or when I started traveling to different cities with Battle Rap, the respect was there regardless of me being a woman, gay, or whatever.” This support, regardless of her identity, is something Young Gattas says she’s excited to see extended to all femcees within to- day’s soundscape. A change she believes is here to stay: “I do feel like times have changed and that the spectrum has broadened. There’s gay dudes going viral now rapping, girls rapping but not using sex to sell like Rico Nasty, or even masc- presenting women like Young M.A.” she continues: “I feel like females are the number one buyers of music and have been longing for representation. Not just in the Trina/ Kim heavy sex way, not in the “oh I just f*cked your b*tch last night” way either. With the way the internet is now, you don’t need a major label or even need to be on the radio to have your music heard. Women want something they can connect to, so I definitely would say this is permanent and not seasonal.”

Young Gattas is definitely here to stay as well and says she believes now is the time for the LGBTQ + community to seize the moment and shine the light one another. For Gattas, success is something everyone can share: “I want the LGBT community to have more representation in music and art, and now is the time for us to be supporting each other.” To support Young Gattas stream her single “I Get It” on all streaming platforms today and be sure to connect with Young Gattas on social media @Younggattas as well as stay on the lookout for her newest project, “Garfield Blvd” coming soon.

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