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Updated: Jul 22, 2019

Written By Keisha Mitchell

Timothy Richardson is creating a lane all his own as he is building the momentum necessary to be a maverick in the world of screens large and small. The Model turned Actor turned blossoming Screenwriter and Producer is as multifaceted as the roles he already has under his belt and he’s only just started. Originating from Orlando, Florida, Timothy’s love for theatre began early although he didn’t answer it’s call until recently; “ I remember being a kid making sounds with Nerf guns and being dra- matic putting on mini movies for myself, but I don’t feel like theatre was something I was exposed to as much as a kid, [appreciation] wasn’t nec- essarily cultivated for me. I feel like in the African American community there’s a higher expectation for sports than there is art. That’s why it’s important to me now to let younger Black Men know there are other av- enues outside of sports.” For Timothy, his interests in the arts as an avenue was propelled by blessed encounters with other exceptional screen- writers, such as Tarell Alvin McCraney , who penned the groundbreaking 2016 film, “Moonlight”. Timothy credits McCraney with the creation of his favorite screenplay to date and believes the experience of watching that narrative on film helped him to understand the power of movies as messengers “ Moonlight was so groundbreaking from how it was shot to how real it was. It made me feel empathy for the character and being a Black Male it was something that was different. It made me uncomfort able, but it was inspiring. “ He expounds; “It made me understand that a visual medium can be so powerful and [I felt] this is what art is about, this is what acting is about: the Human experience”. In his short tenure as a Thespian thus far, Timothy has lent his mission of telling stories to several characters and productions and his natural tal- ent and genuine charm means his resume hasn’t stopped growing. This summer, Timothy will make a national debut as ‘Darius’ on OWN’s latest bingeworthy offering “David Makes Man”; A coming of age tale about class, intellect, and proximity to privilege set in Southern Florida’s Liberty City. Timothy says the experience of working on the set of “David Makes Man” alongside greats like Phyllicia Rashad, and Producer Oprah Winfrey provided him with plenty of positive pressure, as well as tons of polish: “That experience let me know what it’s like to be amongst the elite and how people are training... Feeling that difference in pressure is like ‘Oh, this is real, this is about to be viewed by hundreds of thousands of people’. It really gets you focused and there is a certain level of maturity that you gain throughout the process.” Timothy shares that honing his craft has taught him not only the technicalities and techniques of acting but has also sharpened his skillset in love and relationships as well: “ [Acting] has taught me to listen. As an actor you thrive off of listening to your partner, your costar. In the scene that’s who you depend on. It’s you and that person going into battle. You want that person to have your back and you want them to match you so that you can 100% be yourself. Listening is so important and sometimes we just miss it.” Timothy is making waves and when he considers what he wants his impact to be in the next five, ten or fifty years, one thoughts rings out the loudest: “The biggest thing is that I get bored fast and I’m going to constantly and always push to try and book roles that either scare me or make me uncomfortable. Always [looking for] the risk factor, the ‘I could fail doing this’. ” Timothy says the motivation to push beyond his own comfort zones, on top of striving to make a better world through his philanthropic work are what he sees his legacy being built out of “Time For Change, is a nonprofit mentoring program I started two years ago (We do community service and help young Black Men who are on parole). That word change is so important to me. Always creating a change. Whether in my art or in the way I help out the community...If I can book a role where I change somebodys’ life, I will have done my job as a vessel. “ Timothy can be reached on social media @timothymrichardson or @tidesforchange. For booking, reach out Timothy via email at and be sure to catch “David Makes Man” on OWN August, 19th, 2019.

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