Talk dirty to me


Jade the Erotic Storyteller shot by Spencer Charles

By Keisha Mitchell

The sultry Passion After Dark Podcast is the brainchild of Jade the Storyteller, an author as seductive and as multifaceted as the characters she creates. Jade, who is originally from California, actually began her career as a children’s author. She explains “ I kinda went through a moment of I wasn’t able to write what I wanted to write, so I started playing with the idea of writing erotica, not to put out in the world, but for my private collection. I shared it with my boyfriend and he encouraged me to move forward with it, the rest has been history. “ Jade has only been writing erotica for a year, and within that time frame has produced two book titles, and launched “Passion After Dark” a podcast centered around the great sex lives of a handful of people. Jade says she was inspired to create “Passion After Dark” after realizing there was a disparity in narrative podcasts that had an urban voice “ We have the sex podcasts that are out, and I love those but I really wanted to get into storytelling, and I had a hard time finding those types of podcasts that were done by our people.  So I thought maybe I could do this myself and one day I just downloaded a podcast app and read my story and seeing it take off really motivated me”.  Jade says that if she wants audiences to take anything away from her podcast, it’s to accept and embrace their sexual selves “I just want them to indulge in their sexual appetites. They’re are things that people are afraid to admit that they want sexually, or that they’re into sexually so I would like them to come into my world and just allow they’re dreams to take them wherever. Just you know, let all the judgment go; ain’t nobody watching you, you’re in own space, just indulge in that…” As Jade plans for the future, she anticipates expanding the production scale of The “Passion Afte