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By Keisha Mitchell

Atlanta natives Key Roebuck and Ciera Chantal are creators and hosts of the lively and insightful podcast series “Behind Closed Doors”. The podcast started off similar to it’s namesake, as Roebuck and Chantal decid- ed to start recording their private conversations, and began sharing the on Youtube in 2012. The recordings quickly grew in popularity and they moved from “behind closed doors” to Highly Unique Radio, which helped elevate their shared experiences to an even wider audience. As the pair continued to share their perspectives, they say their reception was more of becoming a friend to their listeners, as opposed to just sex symbols. Roebuck says “ at Highly Unique we had men around us all the time, and they weren’t using to see- ing women have those type of conversations, [they] couldn’t believe we were talking so openly” Chantal continues “ People listen to the stuff we say on our podcast, they interact with us on Social media and they see us it becomes ‘ Oh Key and Ciera, that’s my homegirls.“

In the seven years since Behind Closed Doors’ conception, their brand has ex- pounded to into a lifestyle brand that offers live events, and even games. When asked what’s been the favorite part of their journey so far, their answers vary. For Roebuck, it’s been her ability to connect with new people and exchange ideas “ I love going into a situation where I can come out learning something new. I love meeting people who are on the same thing and share our different perspectives, and have the type of conversations that we all want to have. “ For Chantal, it’s using the platform to get the party start- ed “ My favorite part is doing our live events “Candid Conversations’ I like to have natural organic conversation, so I wanted to create a platform where we come together and everybody can come together to talk. My whole thing is let’s get social in real life, and

not just on social media.”

As 2019 takes off, the ladies of Behind

Closed Doors intend to maintain they’re status as Atlanta’s homegirls' and continue to

encourage the conversations that matter most . To go “behind Closed Doors” with Chantal and Roebuck or to catch the next “Candid Conversation” events, be sure to follow them on Instagram @wearebcd today.

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