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Updated: Mar 2, 2020

BLUNT: The Podcast

By Keisha Mitchell

Brittney Hart from Jacksonville, Florida and and how London Bridges from the Bronx, New York are @BluntthePodcast”. The delectable duo hosts the weekly audio stream as a platform for a wide array of conversations ranging from STI prevention to their favorite strains of Sativa. The two met and developed their relationship from that of like minded strangers to that of cohosts in 2018, with a desire to learn and share as much as they could with each other and their listeners. Hart, a Graphic Designer by day, and Bridges, an Exotic Dancer by night are the perfect pairing of sensuality and sensibility. as Hart elaborates: “I m very curious and come from an angle of ‘who is this?’, ‘what is this?’, ‘where does this come from?’ London has a more seductive side, and we tend to play off each other”. Hart and Bridges hope people find their own sense of balance between those two themes by listening to their series, as Bridges explains “We want people to take that when it comes to sex there’s no judgment, be as open as you possibly can. And I want them to learn, use it as a learning experience.” When asked how important they feel like having conversations about sex and sexuality are in the black community [“It’s important to be] Having this platform to open and candidly express our curiosity when it comes to our sexuality, and stuff like that, alot of my friends and family are inspired” says Hart, “I'm hoping that Blunt the Podcast provides those great conversations for friends, lovers, family etc. “ Though they’re still in they’re first season, the future is bright for Hart and Bridges as they have goals of growing “Blunt The Podcast” far beyond just the trappings of the internet : “ We want to get paid to travel the world and experience different strains, sex toys, caves, the underworld” Hart says. For now, you can catch “Blunt the Podcast on a variety of streaming platforms including Soundcloud and Apple Music. Be sure to also check in with these ladies on their insta @bluntthepodcast to see what moves they’re making next.

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