Suni MF Solomon

Motivated by the Message


Suni Mf Solomon is a vivacious Creator and lively Lyricist that has been gaining momentum, recognition and respect in the music game for years now. Finally ready to take her rightful place center stage, Solomon has a unique mixture of social awareness and promising presence as an Artist that has continued to set her apart as her Star rises. The Atlanta native first made her mark with the mixtape “Back to the Basics” in 2009 and followed up with another impactful tape “A Nigga Moment” – a reflection on the life and times of a young Woman growing up on the West side of Atlanta’s not so savory parts. Suni, who has been rapping since she was seven years old, has a variety of influences including Drake and the other Titans of the early to mid 2000s “I’m a biiiiiig Drake Fan, but if I had to put my top three it’d be Wayne, Kanye and Drake. And when I feel a little ratchet a little Jeezy and a little T.I. you can never go wrong”. The distinct voices of Artist such as these is the primary thing she credits with intriguing her to develop her own signature sound. She also credits the versatility and confidence to be herself, as coming from artists such as Lauryn Hill and Trina “Those two were the first Females I really heard on a record that were just rapping instead of only singing “. The importance of having her own voice, and it resonating with others is something that has stuck with Suni until this day. As she says, she has learned to express herself and tell her story in the way only she can “ Voice has always been a big thing for me in terms of discovering my sound. Being a Female Rapper but also a gay Female Rapper I never wanted to sound to much like a Girl but I never wanted to sound like a Nigga either. I just wanted to sound like me and it had to make sense.“ Voice is a theme that spans the length of the music industry’s history and today, no other commentary is more coveted than that of the Female Rapper. While it’s been a long time coming, Suni says the watching the tide change has been both frustrating and humorous at times, but inevitably incredibly empowering for her and other Women in the industry finally getting their due: “I’ve been told no a lot of times, especially because I am a gay Female Rapper. I still remember a nigga that told me no and then a couple years later was all in my dms trying to get involved (laughing) “ She continues “ I got my stories....but it comes with it because it takes time for people to see your worth. But’ now people are on the jocks of Female Rappers [and] it’s insane and I’m happy, I love it and I’ve had the pros and cons of the door being slammed in my face. But I’m happy to be enjoying the perks”.

These perks are sure to stay for Suni MF Solomon as she continues to break barriers and carve new pathways in the industry, just by being herself. Her latest release, (her 8th studio project ) entitled “Truth Is’’ is set to be released Winter of 2020. Until then, catch

up with Suni’s catalogue available on every streaming platform and be sure to follow her on social media today.

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