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Updated: Dec 27, 2018


By Naked Wanderlust

The moonlight glistened through her bedroom window. She lie awake again tonight. Who could he be she wondered? Her senses had never led her astray. But it had been almost a month now. Way to long for her to have felt him without having met him yet. Mila had a gift. She could feel the presence of those who would impact her life. She could sense them coming and why. She would feel a pull in the wind guiding the path of her every day. And she had long since learned to trust herself and follow it. This was the first time her senses had ever reacted this strongly towards a stranger. Especially one she had yet to meet. But it was like her inner self was trying to rip through her skin and reach him. She could feel him on her like a fire that kept her ablaze with passion all day and night. It was so powerful. She had to carry extra panties everywhere she went because they were always soaked in anticipation of being with him; as if they stood naked in front of one another already.

She got out of bed and went down to the kitchen for a glass of wine. As she walked through her large penthouse apartment she felt lonelier than ever before. She shook her head in confusion. She had loved living alone. Her beloved grandmother had left her a large sum of money when she passed. Mila would never have to work again. That didn’t take away the pain she felt from losing her though. Still she kept with her, the magic of her grandma Ne’Ma who had taught her to harness her gifts and use them to be good and pure inside and out.

Three years after her Ne’Ma had passed; Mila had given her grandmother’s house to her cousins who were in need of a better home. Mila had been living there since Ne’Ma died, unable to let her go. But like her sense always had, they guided her out of her sorrow and told her that she needed to move on. And giving her family a stable place to live would honor her Ne’Ma’s memory in the greatest way possible. And so she bought a penthouse in California. High in the sky overlooking the water, where she could feel close to her grandmother. She found peace there and was able to continue to develop her gifts.

Mila leaned on the window sipping her wine. Her whole body tingling with energy that she knew was from him. Oh goodness he was all over her!! She could almost feel his smooth hands caressing her breasts. They instantly felt heavy with the need to be cupped by his hands. She could almost see his eyes, staring intently at her. Her body warmed a deep, crimson, blaze at the thought of him seeing her so vulnerable. He was driving her insane and he didn’t even know it. She forced herself to go back to bed. Feeling her body becoming exhausted from longing. She tossed and turned upon her satin sheets for the rest of the night dreaming of the future and all he would bring.

The next morning Mila stood in the mirror trying unsuccessfully to get dressed. She’d been a bundle of nerves since she’d opened her eyes and she had a strong feeling as to why. Today was the day she would finally get to meet him. That had to be it. Her senses had developed to the point where if they were this strong, the person was usually right in front of her or about to walk in. But he had been embedded in her energy for a little over three weeks now and she still had no idea what he even looked like. She would have known instantly if she had ever seen him. That she was sure of. She hadn’t been doing anything different than normal to find him either. She knew that would do her no good. That’s not the way her gift worked. She had to just stay open, and be observant, and it would always reveal itself to her. And today just felt right. She had a lunch date with her best girlfriend Ivy at a new restaurant on the water front called Willow. She’d been hearing rave reviews about the place that was known for its fresh grown food and creative dishes.

It was a beautiful day in sunny California, the perfect climate for a lunch date outside with your best friend. She decided on a simple turquoise maxi dress to compliment her cocoa brown skin. She piled her long curly brown hair up in a bun on the top of her head. She stopped to check herself out in the mirror by the front door and frowned at her flushed cheeks belied by her chocolate catlike eyes. Brushing loose curls out of her face she simply shrugged and walked out before she lost all nerve to leave the house.

She had plenty of time to get to the restaurant to meet Ivy so she decided to ride her bike. She always enjoyed feeling the wind flow through her on leisurely rides and loved the energy it created as she passed by everyone on the beach. So far the day was feeling wonderful and her senses told her it was only the beginning.

She rode along the beach, enjoying the crowds of vacationers when all of the sudden she lost all the air in her lungs and had to stop the bike abruptly to keep from falling. Taking deep breathes to regain her composure; she scanned her surroundings. What is going on with me??? I must be officially going insane now. She thought to herself. She didn’t see him. She saw couples, and kids, and lots of people that could have been him but they just weren’t. She was sure of that. But why did she feel a pull so strong she was fighting to breathe. That tingling sensation was starting again and there was a pool of liquid forming between her legs. She was two blocks from the restaurant. “I definitely need a strong drink” she thought.

When she arrived at Willow, she found Ivy standing outside talking on the phone. She felt herself calming at the sight of her best friend. Her little red headed sister had been one the only true friends Mila had ever had. She trusted her with all her secrets like her grifts, and Ivy had been there for her when her grandmother passed. She helped Mila accept herself by always accepting her no matter what. At the sight of her friend in distress Ivy immediately hung up the cell phone and walked over to where Mila was locking up her bike. “What’s going on love? You’re aura just slapped me in the face” she said with a consoling smile. Mila laughed aloud. Gosh her bff knew her. “It’s him again” she replied. “Stronger than ever. I damn near fell off my bike because his energy really did slap me in the face”.

“Oh Honey!!” Ivy cried out with a bright smile. “That is wonderful!! That means he is getting closer. I can’t wait for you to meet him. This has been agonizing torture!!”

“For you, I’m sure” Mila said rolling her eyes.

Ivy laughed and winked at her friend “I’m just saying. You get me all hot and bothered when you talk about it. I can only imagine what you go through”.

They walked up to the receptionist and requested a table outside. They were led through a gorgeous two story restaurant to the patio. They oo’d and ahh’d the whole way through. The place was beautiful!! There was handmade art all over the walls that gave the place an eclectic feel. And there were so many windows that housed hanging plants making the space feel fresh and open. The energy was so intoxicating that by the time they sat down Mila needed two glasses of water and a mojito to relax her. The waiter was a cute young guy with short cut hair. He looked like he couldn’t have been any older than 20. When he walked up to the table Mila felt a shockwave of energy flow through her at his presence. It can’t be him. She knew that it couldn’t. Sure he was handsome and underneath his work t-shirt it was obvious he had a body to die for, but something about it just wasn’t right. He seemed to feel something toward her too because he looked her deeply in the eyes as he spoke. “Have you ladies decided what you’d like to eat?”

Ivy chose her meal quickly saying she was so hungry and excited to taste the food. Mila was unsure for some reason. Everything looked so good but her senses just wouldn’t allow her to choose. “I have no idea what I’m in the mood for. Could you tell me what’s good?” she asked.

He smiled at her expectantly like he knew she would ask and he was looking forward to telling her. Her heart was beating so hard she thought they would be able to see her breast vibrate through the shirt she wore with no bra. It really cannot be him. Or I am going to flip my shit. What the hell is going on with me?? She really thought she was losing it. But she had to go with the feeling. At this moment she really had no choice. Her control was slipping right through her fingers. In a voice that sounded like velvet to her ears he convinced her to try a new special that the chef himself would prepare. It was angel hair pasta with a fresh lobster bisque and cilantro sauce with a side of his famous bruschetta. For some reason that meal sounded like life to her. And she could almost taste it already. It seemed as though all of her senses were heightened to a peak. Mila didn’t know if she could take much more. She was on the verge of a life changing orgasm she just knew it.

She was so deep into her own world that she hadn’t even noticed Ivy staring at her with such a mischievous grin. “Was it him?” she asked. Mila rolled her eyes and said “Oh God, I hope not”.

“You two looked real friendly though. He was giving off vibes. Even I could feel them”.

“Yeah for a second I thought it was him too” Mila said shaking her head.” But something felt off and it isn’t just the fact that he looks like he could be my little brother” she laughed.

“Oh you are not much older than him. You’re only 25 and you don’t look a day older than 21” she said shaking her head at her friend.

“Yeah well nonetheless, it wasn’t him. But he’s connected to it somehow I just know it”.

Ivy threw her head back laughing. “What is so funny?” Mila asked.

Ivy replied through laughs “Something must be going on because your nipples are hard as rocks!! No wonder he couldn’t keep his eyes off of you!”

Mila put her hands over her breasts and blushed when she realized her friend was right. They were hard as hell and her underwear were soaked.

“Don’t be embarrassed honey. I can only imagine how exciting being aroused is with your senses”.

“Yeah well not when you’re sitting outside at a restaurant with your super observant best friend. I think you’re gifted too love” she replied laughing.

Mila and Ivy kept chatting distractedly, until the cute waiter came back to the table with their food on a tray. Mila’s heart became a drum. The smell from her plate seeming to wrap itself around her core and tug her toward the kitchen. No longer was she even aware of the waiter’s energy. She was starting to think all the energy was about the food.

“That looks amazing” Ivy said. “Yeah it does. My senses are on a thousand right now so I hope it tastes good or I am going to gag” Mila laughed and said.

She took a bite of the bruschetta and she felt a tingling building strong and fast. It seemed to be sliding down her throat and headed straight for her lady parts. “Oh my gosh this is good!! You have to try this” she said shoving the plate at Ivy. “No thanks love. Me and my mere mortal taste buds are going to stick to my own plate so we can actually enjoy this meal”. It was her loss Mila thought because this had to be the best food she had ever tasted. When she tried the lobster pasta the feeling had become so strong she actually climaxed from the sensation. It had felt like someone was sending zing shots to her lady love and she had a small explosion from the pleasure. Her face turned a deep maroon and Ivy stared wide eyed at her knowingly. “OMG Mila what is going on??” Ivy asked her.

“I have no idea” she chuckled. “But I just came”. Ivy’s mouth dropped and she began to laugh too. But Mila couldn’t stop laughing. The sensation wouldn’t die down. In fact it felt as it were still building but towards what, she no longer knew. “It’s the food Ivy it has to be. I’ve never felt anything like this! I feel like I’m coming undone and I don’t know why”. Just then the cute waiter walked back over to the table to check on them “How is everything going over here ladies” he asked with an alluring smile.

“Oh we are most certainly enjoying everything sweetie” Ivy told him. “I know she is”.

He smirked at Mila and she blushed again. Wanting to slap Ivy for putting her on the spot. “Would you like to meet the chef?” he asked. When he said those words it was like something clicked in her whole essence. “Yes!!” she nearly shouted at him. Ivy looked at her like she had two heads. But the waiter just smiled and walked away from the table. “Sorry Ivy, I just had that right feeling. I don’t think I really had any control over my mouth at that moment”. Ivy looked like she was about to speak again and then immediately clamped her mouth shut and smiled brightly. “What?” Mila asked her skeptically.

“This is just about to be so beautiful that’s all”. “What are you talking about” Mila asked her. Ivy just nodded her head past Mila but before she could turn around she felt exactly what it was. It was him. He was coming up from right behind her. She could feel it. She could feel the hairs on her neck and arms stand up. Her nipples were standing at attention and she felt like her body was on fire again like she had every night she felt his loss between her sheets. The cute waiter walked up to the table and with him was the most intoxicatingly handsome man Mila had ever seen in her life. He was kind of tall. No more than 6’2”. Smooth, cherry, brown skin like he spent a lot of time on the beach. He was lean but his body was clearly sculpted to the perfection of everything needed to tame her body. He smiled at her and she nearly blacked out. He was perfect. He was hers. She felt it in her bones.

He introduced himself as David. Ivy just smiled up at him and back at Mila. She knew exactly what was about to go down. She excused herself and asked the cute waiter to show her to the ladies room. She told David he should take her seat until she came back. To keep Mila company. Mila was so in shock she had barely spoken more than two words. “Hello” and “Mila” was all she could manage when he spoke and asked her what her name was.

And there he was to all her glory. The man that had tortured her day and night sat across from her in the flesh and it took every ounce of strength she possessed not to rip his clothes off and fuck him right then and there. And the way he looked at her didn’t help at all. He was staring so deep into her eyes she thought she could see flecks moving around in his; beckoning for her to open to him. They barely spoke. It was like they didn’t need to. Like no words would feel more right than the looks in their eyes as they stared at each other. Finally forcing herself to speak Mila said “Your restaurant is beautiful. And the food…” her eyes rolled into the back of her head. He flashed her the most effervescent smile and she felt like her whole world was coming alive in his presence. “Thank you. I had a strong feeling I was making it for someone special”.

“Really? A feeling hunh? And how does that work” she asked.

“Well I don’t really know. It’s never happened that way before. I mean I love cooking. It’s one of my passions”.

You are one of my passions. She thought to herself. “But with your food I just had this urge to put myself into it. I’m really glad you enjoyed it”. Mila just smiled at him because that’s all she could do without drooling. They talked for a short while about themselves, business, and the area. Then as ivy was coming back they exchanged numbers and agreed to meet later that day. Waiting any longer than that didn’t seem to sit well with either of them.

After lunch Mila went shopping for lingerie. She was feeling super sexy and felt it was only right to appeal to it. She bought a cute black satin slip that was completely open in the front with the matching satin and lace panties. When she got home she took a nice, long, hot, bubble bath. She was a little worn out from all the energy she had dealt with so far that day. But she knew it wasn’t over. She could feel his presence still and knew for the first time in weeks that he could feel hers too. As she lay in her Jacuzzi style tub enjoying the candle light and the rain scented bubble bath, her phone began to buzz on the floor beside her. Her heart skipped a beat and she knew who it was texting her.

David: It was very nice meeting you today Ms. Mila

Mila: It was nice meeting you as well David

David: I hope you haven’t changed your mind about seeing me tonight.

Of course she wanted to see him. She hadn’t thought about anything else since she left his restaurant!

Mila: I would like that very much.

Her heart continued to thud in her chest. It was finally happening.

David: What would you like to do?

Mila: I’m not sure. I don’t go out much but I wouldn’t mind that if you’d like

David: How about we stay in. We could cook dinner together.

Mila: That sounds great! I have a great red wine collection I would love to share. My place at 7?

David: Perfect. Just text me the address and I’ll be there. I’ll bring the food.

They decided what they would eat and took care of all the plans. Mila was so excited she didn’t know what to do with herself. It was 5:30 so she had plenty of time to get ready and clean up a bit. She got out of the tub and took a lengthy steamed shower. She carefully applied her favorite lotion to her freshly shaved body. She bushed her teeth and polished her nails. She let her hair hang damp and curly. Towel dried, and smelling fresh from her lavender shampoo. She put on her favorite pair of jean shorts that made her butt look shapely and plump, and a silk white t-shirt that felt so smooth against her skin. She looked casual but pretty and her senses were telling her it was perfect. She made a mix of slow soothing music and some of her favorite jazz songs. Then she lit some candles throughout the house and dimmed the lights to a comfortable setting.

At 6:49 Mila got an alert from the callbox saying that someone was trying to enter the garage for her unit. She buzzed him in, nervously awaiting the man she knew would take her breathe away. A few moments later there was a soft knock at her door. She didn’t have to look through the peephole. She could feel him and god he felt good.

She opened the door and he stood there smiling at her like he’d won the lottery. He looked spellbinding. He had on dark green cargo pants and a black t-shirt. But his clothes fit him so perfectly. They molded to the shape of him so you could’ve easily compared him to a gentleman wearing a three piece suit. He stepped inside and said “I apologize for my attire. I didn’t have enough time to go home and change”.

“Trust me you look perfect….. I... I mean you look nice” Mila said stumbling over her words. The look of him in her penthouse was all it took to make her want to drop her satin lace panties and give him what he didn’t even know he owned. His stride was confident as she walked him through the apartment for the grand tour. She was hesitant to show him her room thinking they would end up in bed before they even got to make dinner.

“It smells great in here” he said while setting up the kitchen to begin cooking.

“Thank you. I thought the smell felt nice” Mila said.

They were supposed to be cooking together but it became somewhat of a show for him and Mila watched in fascination as he prepared the meal. The way he described the food and how he wanted it to taste to her, had her senses on overload. Between the delicious smell floating from the pans and his colorful descriptions, she didn’t even need to try it to know how good it tasted.

She was smiling lazily when he looked up and winked at her. Her breathe caught in her throat. He didn’t know what he was doing to her. “You don’t have to be nervous Mila. I know you’re different. This is a lot for me too” he said with a smile.

What was he talking about? Did he know about her gifts? But she didn’t even know him.

“What do you mean?” she asked warily.

“I’ve been looking for you too” he said.

“You have? Why?” Her heart was about to explode. Her head was spinning and her vision was getting blurry. It was about to be a full blown panic attack. Oh curse these senses! She didn’t want to pass out before she heard his answer but she saw darkness forming in the corners of her eyes. The moment was too intense. NO!! She could handle it. What had Ne’Ma taught her? She had to open her mind up to them. After all they were her truths and she was strong enough to handle them. She wouldn’t want to keep the truth from him anyway. She took a few deep breathes and put her focus on her heart. Allowing herself to revel in the beauty of the moment, and of him and what he represented.

“I used to know a lot of things. I searched for the how. Why I felt like there was more to the world and our people than we were ever told. My family treated me like something was wrong with me. They never allowed me to embrace my gifts”.

He said gifts! Oh God did he have them too? Was this really happening? Her head was spinning but she wanted to know more. To know that she wasn’t alone was one thing; but with him??

“For a long time I ignored them. I was unable to understand them; afraid of them and of myself. That’s why I started cooking. It gave my senses an outlet. And people love my food because they can feel me through it and I always thought that was beautiful”.

She stared wide eyed at him and asked “Well how…did you…know…about me?”

“Because, I make food for people all the time. But the only drive my senses feel from them is hunger, excitement, anticipation of a good meal, and things that have to do with each other. But as soon as this day began, I knew you were coming to me. I didn’t know who you were but I could feel your heat drawing me in. I even felt you when you arrived. I came outside to see who you were and I saw how flustered you looked on your bike. I sent my best waiter to your table and told him to suggest the lobster pasta to you because i wanted to make that for you”.

It all made so much sense to her now. Why she had felt like she’d been hit with a ton of bricks on the way to the restaurant, why she had felt connected to the waiter, why she didn’t know what to order, and why her food was so good. “I thought I was going crazy” she said laughing.

“Yeah me too. My assistant kept laughing at me because I was on edge all day. It’s really not like me. Well not in the kitchen at least. “.

He smiled again and she could see he felt just as open and intense as her. She started to notice he was fidgeting a little and he kept smiling at her but it was from someplace very deep. She watched the slow expansions of his chest as he breathed and wanted to put her hands over his heart to see if his beat matched hers. She had a strong feeling it did.

“I knew you were like me because I could feel your awareness... Just like I can feel it now” he said looking deep into her eyes. For a moment they just stared at each other. Both unmoving but doing the dance of pure insane love that needed no time to recognize its’ other half. Finally David broke through the silence “I asked if you enjoyed the meal and if you had I wanted to meet you. To prove to myself that I wasn’t crazy. And when he said that you did I knew it was real and it was you”.

Mila couldn’t believe what he was saying to her. But she had no choice. It all felt so right. It felt more perfect and beautiful than anything she had ever felt in her whole life. She got up from her stool at the island where she was seated watching him cook, and went into the kitchen. He was leaning against the sink looking so nervous but so sensual and sure at the same time. Once again they just stared at each other. Almost afraid to touch. And then she gently placed her hand on his chest. Right over his heart. There was a warm shock of tingling energy coursing between them. They both looked at each other in happy surprise at the feeling. He placed one hand over her hand and the other around her waist pulling her so close to him he could feel her heart beat as well. She smiled up at him and with a nervous chuckle said “Your heartbeat is the same as mine”.

“I know” he said. “You’re perfect”. And then he bent his head down and kissed her lightly on her cheek. Oh but she wanted so much more. She could feel him holding back. She thanked him in her mind for that respect. But she was so aware of his body and its need for her. She could feel his pulse beat. Calling out to her like the song of their union. She knew he could feel the hard pebbles of her nipple’s aching for him to taste them. She wanted all of him. Her wanton wants had taken over any rational thought she had left in her brain. She had never felt so intense in her life. She wanted more.

She lifted her chin to look up into his face. He was watching her expressions. Like he was waiting for her to tell him it was ok for him to love her. She smiled at him endearingly. She looked at his soft lips wanting so badly to feel them against hers. But she too needed assurance that it was okay. She looked into his eyes again. Opening her soul to him. Showing him that he could have all of her. And then her kissed her. Deep and longingly he thrust his tongue between her parted open lips. Taking all she was giving him. He tasted like cinnamon and his mouth was full and juicy. She bit his bottom lip sucking it in and tingling it with her tongue and they both moaned with passion. His hands roamed her body sending shots of ecstasy up and down her spine. Calling out to everything inside her like a caged animal released, her wild instincts wanted to ravage him. He pulled away from her to both their dismay. Mila scowled at him in confusion. “The chicken is going to burn if we don’t stop” David told her laughing. “Oh. Right” she replied. She reluctantly went back to her seat, her whole body aware of him. She didn’t know how she’d make it through dinner.

David set up a palate in front of her window with a large picnic blanket he brought and they ate on the floor. They looked out at the water letting its peaceful waves seep into their souls and give them both the calm they would need to keep from ripping each other’s clothes off. They talked about life and their gifts and how they each dealt with them. It felt good for them both to have someone who understood. An instant bond was forming and both Mila and David knew it was only the beginning of something that would last forever.

After dinner they sat on the couch sipping wine and enjoying Mila’s music selection. They found that they both enjoyed similar music. Everything was beyond perfect. But there was so much sexual tension floating through the room you could slice it with a sword. David curled strands of Mila’s hair around his fingers, lightly tugging the tresses like he was testing the levels of her sensation. He hadn’t kissed her again yet and Mila could feel her lips tingling from the loss. He must have felt it too for he leaned in and devoured her lips even more vigorously than he had before. Their tongues battled for taste as the wine they drank coated the kiss and took them higher. “Please forgive me Mila” David said through ragged breaths. “I want you so bad. But I don’t want to disrespect you”.

“I want you too” Mila replied. The kissing resumed growing more passionate as their hands fought to feel each other through their clothes. David cupped Mila’s breast through her shirt and she groaned deeply at the feel of his warm hands burning into her skin. He pinched her nipples and she arched her back into his hand; light spasms shooting down to her lady love. She pulled away and stood up. He stood abruptly too, feeling guilty like he had wronged her.

“Um… I just want to change into something else. Will you stay here for a minute?”

“Of course. Take your time. I just thought…um… you were displeased with me”.

She smiled at his vocabulary “Never”.

She went up to her room and put on the black satin slip she had bought earlier that day. She applied some fresh lotion to her legs and arms. She looked beautiful. She knew she had found free with him. Like she was his, and he was hers, and she was so intrigued by the feeling. She didn’t need to wait. She couldn’t wait even if she wanted to. Her body wouldn’t allow her.

She lit two candles by her bed and went to the top of her stairs and called down to him. “David”.

“Yes Mila?”

“Could you come up here please? And could you please bring my wine with you?”

“Uh…Sure” he said in a voice husky with passion.

She stood there at the top of the stairs and she heard his footsteps as he got closer to them. And then he could see her. He stopped right at the first step and just looked her up and down. Passion blazing in his eyes. He said no words but looked at nothing but her as he walked slowly up the stairs. He set the wine down on the flat surface of the banister when he stood just two steps below her. “You look beautiful’ he said lifting her by the waist and carrying her to the bed.

He laid her on her back ,on the silk sheets, and kissed her everywhere. He started at her face landing little butterfly kisses on her forehead, her nose, her cheeks, and chin. And then he kissed her neck and shoulders, nibbling lightly and sucking with slight pressure. She arched her back and clawed at his in wanting. He cupped her breasts in both hands and nibbled on each nipple through her satin slip driving her wild. He blew cool air on the wet spots left from his ministrations and she felt the pool between her legs dripping down her thighs. He grabbed at her possessively staking his claim, showing her he would never let her go. Her soul cried out to his and she felt herself about to climax already. She pulled his shirt over his head. Her heart skipped a beat at the sight of his bare chest. Her fingers traced the lines of his abdomen and she saw the muscle working in his jaw as he fought not to lose control. Tongues and lips and hearts and limbs battled for release into a world unknown and then became so entwined they were one in that moment. Mila began to unbutton David’s pants and he used his feet to get them down his legs. He lifted her slip and kissed her stomach going lower until he was so close to her core she could feel him there already. He held up her legs, biting her inner thighs and skimming his teeth over her lady love. Teasing her to no end as she moaned and cried out in desperation. He pressed his thumb down on her clit and she tried to thrust her hips in the air but she was trapped inside his strong arms. She felt so vulnerable and so open but it felt so good. She was his and he knew that. He lifted her up so they both stood together at the foot of the bed. They stared longingly at each other, both panting from the escapade. He pulled her close and she could feel his shaft hard against her stomach. He was so ready for her. And she wanted to wrap her sex around him and milk him so he knew he was hers. They kissed softly; arms caressing each other. Calming them so that they didn’t both explode too soon.

“This is more than I could’ve ever dreamed” Mila said to him hazily. He looked down at her and smiled “You are more than I could’ve ever dreamed love”. She sat down on the bed and scooted back so she lay in the center. He caressed her with his eyes, drinking her in so that she be embedded in his sight forever. He pulled down her lace panties so she lay before him naked. He looked almost like a starved animal as he stared at her with a deep hunger in his eyes. She felt a small twinge of fear that took her over the edge and all she could do was whisper desperately “Please. I need you”.

That was all it took to break his last strand of control and in no time he was on top of her naked with a condom on. They bodies tangled rolling over and back trying with all their need to mold to each other. “Are you ready?” David asked. “Yes” Mila replied. “Tell me you’re ready” David demanded. “I’m ready David. I’m ready” she cried out.

He brushed the head of his penis back and forth over her slick folds, coating himself in her juices. “Oh you’re so wet for me Mila” he said his voice raspy on the edges of his control. He pushed into her slowly at first and she thought she might just die from the pressure of his thick head. The need was building so deep within; she could barely feel herself as anything more than the energies of passion. She thrust her hips upward inviting him to give him all of her, to fill her up completely. And then he thrust into her hard and long until he filled her to the hilt. She felt perfect around him. She was hot and wet and tight and as their rhythmic thrust began the dance; he felt like he was being milked by her love. Their faces met and there was a look of pure desire unlike any they had ever known. And there was something more too. It was longing, and love, and the release of a lonely misunderstanding they both had known all their lives. They were home in each other and neither would ever let the other go.

Mila met his thrusts for give and go and he knew he had met his match. It was taking all he had not to explode his seed into the condom. He wanted to make it last forever but he doubted he would even be able to last for another position. He felt the building and his senses were heightened to a level that was new and captivating for him. It was like he felt his pleasure and hers and he had a strong feeling she was projecting her passions into his soul. Her body was so soft as he caressed her legs and she felt so small but perfect beneath him. She moaned in pleasure and it sounded like the song of his heart and it was about to send them both into the unknown. His stroke became faster and more powerful and he felt her body shake beneath his. “Oh David I’m about to cum! I’m…gonna cum baby!”

“Yes Mila baby come for me. Come for me… now… and keep me forever” he said. And then her body began to shake violently and she writhed beneath him causing him to explode as she milked every last bit of him into the condom.

For a moment neither of them could move. They could barely breathe as volts of electric shocks coursed through their veins. They panted heavily to regain air with eyes closed as they try to find the strength to part. “I’m going to try to get up now ok babe?” David said through half breathes. “Ok” Mila replied. David forced himself to pull out of her abruptly and it sent another shock wave of energy through them both. Mila could feel the loss instantly deep inside her but was so at peace with her body.

David got behind her on the bed holding her firmly by the waist and they lay calmly in silence relishing in the thrill of the moment. “I’m so glad I found you David” Mila said. “I’ve been feeling your energy for a while. It was like torture waiting for you to come”.

“I’m glad you found me” he replied. “You are what had been missing in my life”.

Together they lay falling asleep on the silk covered bed now cold and damp from their lovemaking. Mila sighed with contentment. She could no longer even remember what the loneliness had felt like on those same satin sheets. It was like all the built up energy had come to a head in an explosion of ecstasy that now bonded them for a future of bliss.

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