Queen of a Thousand Crowns

By Keisha Mitchell / Shot by Spencer Charles

Jet Jetsetting Jasmine is a Queen of a thousand crowns. The Mother, Clinician, Academic, Executive Producer, Soror, Master Fetish Trainer, Dominatrix and Pornstar (just to name a few posi- tions she plays) was conceived not to far from the City that never sleeps in Far Rockaway, Ny and spent her childhood in Miami, Flor- ida. Today, she mans an ever-expanding empire with her Partner in life and onscreen King Noire, as well as works tirelessly to show Women everywhere that with a little hard work and a lot of self love, they can become their own wildest fantasy.

Jetsetting Jasmine wasn’t always the self-assured, confident En- trepreneur and Matriarch she is today. Her journey of self-love and sexual discovery has been as multilayered as her career choic- es and has been well earned. When asked how she’s found her way as a Star of the small screen she says; “I started in the adult film industry when I was approaching thirty or already thirty, some- what of what you would consider a late bloomer. There is almost a sense of shock that I had a professional career and that I still have a professional career, I just added another one.” She continues: “A lot of misconception of Women that enter the adult film indus- try is that you’ve done so out of desperation. There is still a lot of shock around the idea that one can be multidimensional or that a Clinician can hold ethical boundaries with their clients and still be in the industry.” While, this bending of social norms and explora- tion of new ideals is not new for Jetsetting Jasmine, she admits to still being in a period of adjustment with her newly nestled niche. She expounds: “The interesting thing is that I use my body and this is the first time in my life that my body has become apart of my professional conversation. So [I’m learning] being comfortable with what my body looks like postpartum and being comfortable under the public eye that I’ve invited and the judgment that I have welcomed...I don’t want to hide aspects of my life...It’s [all] still relatively new, and we’re still learning to how to [deal with] all of these things that we contend with,...but in the end it’s about being able to say I lived shamelessly.”

“If you are only taking your cue from “majority” porn, or if you’re not seeing a diverse amount of porn then you’re gonna feel like you need to behave a certain way during sex or that you’re partner needs to be have a certain way during sex. So the more diverse our films can be or authentic to whoever is in front of the screen, then we’re gonna have a much more comprehensive way of putting education in entertainment”

Not one to back away from a challenge, Jetsetting Jasmine credits the support and synchronicity she shares with King Noire as an invaluable component to helping her forge her own path as both Producer and Director in the Adult film world. She also chooses to utilize her real-world knowledge and experiences to creatively educate Viewers on camera with their company, Royal Fetish Films. Jetsetting Jasmine

believes their mission is simple, she says; “One of the thing that’s very, very important for me is that I’m keenly aware that a large number of people learn about sex through porn. The most important thing is that people are getting the right information. If that is where people are going to get sex education from, at least let’s put some context behind it. [So], We’re going to incorporate an element of consent (where it’s very clear that both parties want to be there). Also [it’s about] making sure that people are being represented the way they want to be represented.”

JetSetting Jasmine values the addition of realistic elements to scene concepts to ensure Royal Fetish Films remain cognizant of their audience’s level of awareness as well as the primary desire to see their inner whims articulated. She details; “ if you are only taking your cue from “majority” porn, or if you’re not seeing a diverse amount of porn then you’re gonna feel like you need to behave a certain way during sex or that you’re partner needs to be have a certain way during sex. So the more diverse our films can be or authentic to whoever is in front of the screen, then we’re gonna have a much more comprehensive way of putting education in entertainment.”

This broader attention to the details is something Jetsetting Jasmine approaches her life with in the great- er sense but when it comes to the business of Bondage and Domination, Jetsetting Jasmine wants People of Color (particularly African Americans) to understand that their traumas, triggers, and ultimately their greater psychological and spiritual transformation can all (and often do) share the same bed: “Almost anything can be triggering to the Black body. She explains “When you think about the type of assault; you know physical assault, mental, physical, and emotional...there’s so many different aspects that have been abused over time. The idea of giving one’s body to another for sexual enjoyment or pleasure ...we approach that with a lot of hesitation and reservation really. There’s so many ways that our ability to be free (taking it out of the context of just sex alone) to be vulnerable and to have trust with someone else in any of our agency [has been compromised] and then you take that and add things more tangible like kink, bondage, any type of psychological domination our experiences as Black bodies are going to through some sort of trigger or doubt.” She continues; “From an empowerment standpoint I think we need to create these spaces to learn practice, and really redefine what sex and sexuality can be and how they can work through these triggers in the least threatening environment. That means it can happen in your own bedroom, but you need to have that visual”.

So how does Jetsetting Jasmine find time to balance her sexiness, with self awareness, a steadily growing Queendom and remain in control and personally empowered? The answer is two fold: first is being open to changes, the second is being committed self-care.

For Jetsetting Jasmine her family has gifted her with the ability to remain adaptable and selfless “We are a very busy family, and we’re adjusting in a lot of different ways and our businesses are growing. It is a lot of coordination and as long as we don’t get married to one particular routine and are open to flexibility, we do alright. We also stay committed to the things that are important to each member of the house- hold. To make it simple, Jetsetting Jasmine says “Decide ten things you want to accomplish in the morn- ing, and then do those ten things.”

For self care, she says it’s not always about feeling pretty and treating yourself to spa treatments, often it’s getting down and dirty with all the facets and faces of who you truly are; “Self care isn’t just going to get your nails done, sometimes you learn stuff about yourself and it’s ugly and it needs to be worked on.” Jetsetting Jasmine knows all to well that staying in touch with truths of who you are is the key to achieving inner equilibrium and external success. “She concludes simply:

“Feeling good on the inside about yourself lends to better sex and overall healthier attitudes towards sex and sexual exploration. It is the confidence building and shutting down stigma and shame –that kind of self care can take you much farther than a manicure.”

To connect with Jetsetting Jasmine and learn more about her various platforms and outlets be sure to fol- low her on social media @jetsettingjasmine, and @bluepearltherapyllc. Also check out her work with King

Noire @royalfetishradio and online at www.royalfetishfilms.com today.

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