Quanna MC

The Carefree Black Girl


Quanna MC is a multifaceted, multitalented MC, Philanthropist, Organizer, Producer and penultimate Carefree Black Girl.

The Savannah, GA native now spends her time between the two metropolises of Brooklyn, NY and Atlanta, Ga where she can be found

making her mark in both ballrooms and on beats.

MC, who describes herself as “a little spicy” originally migrated to Atlanta to attend Clark Atlanta University. She developed her artist-

ry, (crediting her biggest musical influences among the likes of Outkast, Gangsta Boo, Camouflage and Jay Z), while also receiving positive feedback from her peers “most love me so they were supportive. There are a few people who secretly hate for different reasons but overall I think people respect[ed] me.” This respect is reflective not only of Quanna MCs’ mic skills, but of a resurgence in appreciation for Femcees not seen since the early 2000s. Quanna Mc believes this time, love and commercial recognition of the Women who spit bars isn’t likely to recede: “I definitely feel like this era of women artist is here to stay . It’s a movement and it’s strong. It was a slow brewing pot that over flowed . Letting one woman artist reign for so long did something to the women . It made them hungry and loud. Now that the box is open you can’t really close it . The girls are getting the big deals with brands and labels . And starting their own . The gays aren’t far behind so that gonna solidify the whole thing” MC also believes the age of politically correct appearances are behind , further accel- erating women’s hold on the rap music, because now more people can relate. She expounds: “with the internet you really can find people like you even with Queen . She was aggressive but that’s how girls from the east coast are. She was still more feminine than a Young MA . Today you can be whatever , present however . You don’t need labels to be seen or to make it mainstream . Just gotta find your tribe.”

Never one to sit still for too long, Quanna MC continues to diversify her contirbutions to her community and share her creativity with the world. A full roster sure to be resumed, as well as promotion of her latest musical release and organizing to help the change the world are keeping Quanna MC on her toes: “I just released my 3rd Independent project Miss Thang Ep, it’s a five piece joint available everywhere. I got videos for every song dropping this winter plus some features. CareFreeBlackGirl just finished our 2019 tour . We were getting ready for the 2020 one, had already booked for SXSW and some other festivals ”. As a Beautiful Bisexual and Slightly non Binary Black Wom- an, Quanna MC says she would offer these words of advice to her younger self: “Be bold and more vocal . I always knew what I wanted to be but I was too afraid to disappoint people or go against the norm. Until I did and I felt free.” She concludes; “I just want everyone to

know it’s not about where you come from it’s more about pushing through and becoming who you want to be ”.

To Connect with Quanna MC and stay up to date on her apperances, releases, and community initatives, be sure to follow her on Ins- tagram @quannamc and her platform at www.carefreeblackgrl.com. Also be sure to stream “Ms. Thang” (available on every platform)

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