Updated: Mar 3, 2020

By Chef

I’d seen him a thousand times. It’s kind of hard to not see him. He was part of a three man maintenance team assigned to our floor. There’s nothing about him that stands out but there’s something interesting about him. He also scared me a little. There was something I can’t quite put my finger on. He had dark features and striking good looks. Even behind his thick glasses you could see how deep his eyes were. I can only liken it to a Ted Bundy kind of charm. During his work order, I would see him talking with the other women I work with and they all seem mesmerized by him. I think a lot of them are still a sucker for a man in uniform. For me I only see him in passing and we keep it at a simple nod of the head. I see the least amount of action in the hospital, as the research lab assistant I’m more into long nights in the lab than an operating room. But because of our hours we usually see each other in the cafeteria. Tonight I was deep into research about immunity and cell mutation. I was taking advantage of the emptiness of