In the Spirit: MONEY $HOT: the art of masturbation for manifestation

Written By Witch Doctor Alex

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   Possessing sexual power has long been regarded as a trait exclusive to our feminine counterparts.  From Cleopatra  to Monica Lewinski their ability to use sexual energy as a form of tangible power has built and ended empires. But the truth is, (Brothers, you ready for your aha?) something you do everyday is the gateway to harnessing your own hidden power through sexual energy.  (Drumroll...) The Answer is masturbation. Sound crazy? Hear me out:      In Napolean Hills's "Think and Grow Rich", the Author lightly touches on the ability one has to manifest their desires by utilizing their sexual essence to their advantage. Through what he calls “Sex Transmutation” Hill describes: “When driven by this desire, men develop keenness of imagination, courage, will-power, persistence, and creative ability unknown to them at other times.”     This implies the energy of desire, (which is commonly and easily accessed through the emotion of lust) is a strong conduit for inspiring mankind to create in various capacities and ways that he may not have otherwise.     Many places online will tell you the power of the "No Fap" movement. Men everywhere are praising the effects of how much they get done after an extended time without intercourse/masturbation, or in other words neglecting the energy of sex altogether.  I'm not asking you to do that.  Im going to give you a few ways you can use your "alone time" to bring your greatest desires into actuality. The most important thing to consider and remember while going into the act of masturbating is what do you want to bring to fruition? What do you desire? (there’s that word again.) A new job? More money? Happiness? Be realistic. Don’t start off trying to manifest a Maserati or a Supermodel. While it’s true no dream is too big and sexual energy can work wonders. Like any other excercise, You want to take it slow and build up your mental “muscle” if you will.  Keep It Clean  The first thing you must know is keeping your spiritual energy cas well as personal space clean. I thoroughly advise of smudging, which is a spiritual practice of burning certain herbs such as Sage or Palo Santo to remove stagnant energy from a location as well as even gemstones to clear a place and perhaps you, of bad vibes. Once you have a clean palate you can best focus on your intentions.  Hold that thought  We’ll use money in our example. It is super important that you look at money as a trusted friend and not an enemy or something inaccessible or scary. How often do we hear that "money is the root of all evil"? That mustn’t be the case in your thought bank.  Look at money as the sexiest person you can see yourself with. While you are laying there/standing up ( whatever's clever ) picture them doing aalllll the nasty things you like. Threesome? Blow Job? Role play? Whatever works for you to feel most aroused.    This where the money comes in. As you pleasure your member, immediately think of the image of tons of cash or wealth. In this case while you are working your way to the money shot imagine being covered in money ( for example ) as you’re about to cum.  The trick is, holding that thought without climax.  Absolutely no ejaculation. You will need to practice doing this for a minimum of 3  days with 14 days increasing your potency (if you can hold out that long).  Keep That Same Energy  Picture your self through the remainder of the day enjoying and having the amount of money you wish for. Many will say this aspect of the process is like the “Law of Attraction” But with a more “hands on” component. With the combination of masturbation, meditation and visualization, you’ll be able to build momentum on the energy of your thoughts by keeping your desire at the forefront of your mind. You should begin to notice a real shift in your internal and external environments within that 3-14 day time span. Remember,  this takes patience and PRACTICE. No one become a sex magic  master overnight.  Relax Bro.  Another thing to note is that an important key to seeing rapid manifestation of any kind is to simply relax. Relax your mind, relax your body and relax your expectations of how things will happen, just embrace and accept that they will. Try to incorporate deep breathing techniques during your last day of masturbation, especially before climax. Another tip is to use pornography as a means of setting the mood first without touching yourself. When you are aroused begin to undress. Try and make the atmosphere in which you actualize as calm, comfortable and uninterrupted as possible.  Now, understand that I am by no means a multi billionaire. But in full transparency, I  personally visualize an account balance of $888,888,888.88 at the moment of completion.  I can honestly testify that since I've began this practice I have yet to go without financially. I’d suggest incorporating this practice into your routine if you’d definitely like to experience tangible positive results in your life. Have fun manifesting guys.

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