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By Kiloji

As a yoga instructor and holistic health coach for the mind, body, and sexual self, I often come across those who experience blockages or a need to heal in every area of life from fertility, to trauma, to energy release and the support of mental stability. I’ve made it my job to help men and women unpack their difficulties and move forward with their lives. Movement is a key ingredient to not only doing yoga, but to also having great sex yet many still don’t see the benefit in taking up the practice of deep breathing and stretching. If you’re one of those guys who still haven’t been convinced to grab a yoga mat and get started, I propose this year you put yourself in the best position possible to be able to enjoy and expand the act of sex. There are dozens of new hotspots on and within your body ready to be activated with just a few yoga poses and mindful breaths! Try my top four yoga poses for sexual vitality in men below:



Start on your hands and knees with your wrists directly under your shoulders, and your knees directly under your hips. Point your fingertips straight. Center your head. •Begin by moving into Cow Pose by dropping your belly towards the mat. Lift your chin and chest, •Broaden across your shoulder blades and draw your shoulders away from your ears. •Next, move into Cat Pose: As you exhale, draw your belly to your spine and round your back toward the ceiling. The pose should look like a cat stretching its back.Release the crown of your head toward the floor, but don’t force your chin to your chest. Inhale, coming back into Cow Pose, and then exhale as you return to Cat Pose. Repeat 5-20 times, and then rest by sitting back on your heels with your torso upright.

Downward Facing Dog


On hands and knees (make sure they’re shoulder width apart) place palms flat and wide. tuck the toes under, andbegin to lift the hips up towards the sky. •press the hips up and back reaching the chest towards the thighs. Lift up through the tailbone to keep the spine straight and long. •Press the heels into the floor. You’ll feel a stretch in the back of the legs. Try to straighten the legs as much as you can, or you can have a small bend at the knees to keep the back flat. •Let your head and neck freely hang from the shoulders or even try to look up towards your belly button. If you’re feeling anxious add a little alternating bend to your knees • Breathe and hold for 4-8 breaths. (15-20 secs)

Frog Pose


From Hands and knees, walk the knees out to the sides as wide as you feel comfy. Bring the ankles directly behind the knees with the feet turned out towards the side walls. •.Bring the elbows and forearms on to the floor with the palms flat. •Slowly exhale pressing the hips towards the wall behind you until you feel a deep stretch in the hips and inner thighs. •Hold this position (Breathe please!!!) 10-15secs or 3-7 breaths. •To release: rock the hips forward and go back to hands and knees pose. Be gentle now! Remember, that this can be tense to the groin area so move with self-love.



For this position, loosened hips are a must. Tight hips make it hard to rock the boat gents. Tight hips lock up the energy flow throughout the body. If you’re in the middle of a missionary stroke and catch a cramp anywhere from the lower torso down... it’s your hips baby. Start on your hands and knees. Bring your left knee up in between your hands and make your shin parallel to top of mat, drawing heel closer to groin. •Bring right leg out straight behind you. •Slowly lower your forearms down to your mat and rest your head in your arms, a block, or onto a mat. •Hold for 10 breaths before switching sides.(SN: breaths are a major key to sexual intimacy with yourself and your partner so above all don’t forget to breath.)

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