By Keisha Mitchell

Hailing from Bolivar, Tennessee, Caleb Minter is a self proclaimed “lovable guy’ who has been singing since he was a child. Though Caleb developed a relationship with music early thanks to his participation in his hometown church choir, it wasn’t until the untimely death of

his Brother in 2014, that Caleb says he began to take his music journey seriously: “ He was one of my biggest fans, he used to always tell me I was going to be a star and to never stop singing but I never really had that ambition before. But after his murder, it kinda pushed me

to open my eyes that God gives us gifts to share. My Brother pushed me to really see the bigger picture for my life.” Caleb also transmuted his tragedy into philanthropy through creation of the MAGNUM Movement which stands for Men and Mothers against Gun violence: “that’s basically what I do now, put on shows and educate about gun violence, I love to entertain”. Caleb says what continues to motivate him artistically is the feeling of completion he gets from creating:

“I just feel like this is for me, it gives me all that I need in terms of what person wants out of life, joy, happiness, etc. Financially God has continued to create different revenues

for me on stage, so it just keeps me knowing that this is where I’m supposed to be.

As a budding recording artist and a quickly growing fanbase, Caleb says he’s still experimenting and learning about himself as an artist, and when it comes

to relationships, he acknowledges life and romance as a Creative can be insecure.

However, Caleb says he’s been fortunate to have a relationship in which he feels

both supported and encouraged. His latest single “All for You” is an homage to his Girlfriend and an expression of the love so many find hard to maintain in todays’ cur-

rent climate. As Caleb explains “It’s difficult dating an artist, especially somebody who’s in corporate, we’re totally different. And even when I’m not in a good financial spot, shes definitely pushed me to keep going. But on the broader aspect, I wanted to show appreciation for Women. I feel like Women are under appreciated in

general, so in the video I had all shapes and shades of Brown Women because I wanted them to know they are beautiful and they are wanted.” Caleb next single is

called “Love on the Sheets” and will be available on all streaming platforms.

To stay abreast of new shows and releases from Caleb Minter, to be sure to follow him on social media @CalebMintermusic on Instagram as well as visit his website .

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