Hailing from New Jersey Lurchero, (affectionately known as Lurch) has spent the last few years spreading good vibes and being a jack of many trades. From construction worker to master barber, to gallery owner Lurch makes sure to give “only positive energy“ in everything he does. SAPIO spoke with creative to see how he keeps it copacetic.:

1.) Where has your journey taken you so far?

“I’m a construction worker from New Jersey (laughing) I’ve been in Atlanta on and off since ’02… I left a couple times, came back. I’ve been a bunch of different things down here. I been cutting hair since I was 16 years old, but I didn’t take that seriously until ‘08. I worked with Chilly-O from pretty much the inception of Chilly-O exclusive brand. I used to do street promo and snipe for a couple of companies…Interscope, Sony, Legion of Doom, Hitman DJS. It was fun.”

2.) How can Artist get a spot in the OPE Gallery?

“Only Positive Energy is a nonprofit meant to inspire creative change in the community through creative platforms be it art shows, philanthropy, doing as much as we can really. We want to allow people to come into the gallery and do art shows that we’re not really charging them for. I’m looking at the gallery as an incubator space for artists who haven’t had their first solo show. I’m growing the space out for people who have brands to come and do popups. But that’s more inspired by the different people and they’re different dope ideas. If you’re a creative on the scene that’s looking to do something different, I don’t give a damn if you’re in Macon, Alabama, South Carolina, if you got something dope that you want to expand and show to the Atlanta market, come holla at me, and let’s see how we can set you up and get you in the gallery and into the next place. “

I’m a big fan of ass and titties too but I’m not gonna lie my attention span for that wears out after a short while if I can’t look you in the face.”

3.) What’s the sexiest thing about women to you?

“Physically I find a little bit of everything about a woman sexy but I’m very big on the face , not in the sense of just having a pretty face but different features stand out to me on different women . I find that certain women’s eyes are just captivating from the sparkle in them to the color and shape , or how they can be framed by glasses and add an extra dimension ... there just are so many things sexy and captivating about the female form but to go a little deeper , I truly think the many dynamics of a woman to be sexy ... they are strong and soft ... nurturing and protecting , a woman can be your greatest strength or your biggest weakness... that power of creation is amazingly sexy . Oh yeah I’m a big fan of ass and titties too but I’m not gonna lie my attention span for that wears out after a short while if I can’t look you in the face.”

4.) What’s something nonsexual that you think is sexy AF?

“Sneakers and glasses . I don’t know what is about a cute chick with a pair of fly sneakers on , probably because I personally have a sneaker problem but I’ve been like that since a kid. And glasses , I don’t know why but glasses do it for me , hate when chicks get contacts (unless they have ugly taste in frames).”

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