Updated: Mar 2, 2020

meet the Shooter

Spencer Charles

By Keisha Mitchell 

Prolific Photographer and creator of the “MUSE” Calender series Spencer Charles is nothing short of gifted...and incredibly busy. He took a second to tell SAPIO© what makes him pause...

"Stretch marks are dope.

S: How’d growing up in the East affect your art?

SC: I grew up in Newark, NJ. It’s a very interesting place. There’s a lot of gang violence, a high crime rate, or at least there was when I was growing up. But there’s a strong focus on black culture and history there, a focus on black arts, and spirituality. Newark reminds me a lot of the West End community in Atlanta. The black church is very active in the community. House music and club music is really big. I grew up in that culture. It gave me this huge appreciation for black culture, hip hop culture, etc. The way that I try to capture people is so raw because I come from such a raw place.

S: What’s the sexiest thign about women?

SC: Physically? Her curves, overall shape. Hips were always my favorite part of a women’s body. Then I learned they were meant to holding babies. I just thought that was so amazing. In general, the sexiest thing about a women to me is the way they balance strength and insecurity. I noticed some years ago when I was dating this girl how she would look at her self in the mirror. I thought she was the most beautiful girl i’ve ever seen in my life. But the way she would look in the mirror was like she was questioning that. I started to think about the different ways women are portrayed in the media and what is expected of them on the daily and how they can affect their self esteem and body image. And in spite of that, the way they do carry themselves everyday. I guess I related it to double conscious

ness in a sense. Anyway, there’s a lot about women I find sexy.

S:Describe your dream girl?

SC: Nia Long in Love Jones, Nina. Best way I can describe her. I don’t really do dream girls. I’m more into reality when it comes to people. I save my dreams for just me.

S: What’s the one thing women should know in general?

SC: Stretch Marks are dope.

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