Mr. Muse: Chef Scotley Innis

By Keisha Mitchell

Chef Scotley Innis is a Bronx native who’s called Atlanta home

for the past 14 years. A rich Jamaican cultural heritage as well

as an eclectic palate has made Scotley one of Atlanta’s most

notable Chefs. With accolades ranging from being a featured

Contestant on Fox’s Hell’s Kitchen to being counted amongst

the Top Chefs in Atlanta and Top ten Black Chefs in Atlanta,

Chef Scotley has most recently, been asserting his dominance

in the private dinner series scene. His Cannibus-infused dinners

feature the Chefs’ signature ramen amongst other dishes.

As he explains “ The inspiration behind my dinner series was

the fact that I am a cannibus connoisseur in my own person

al way, and I am a professionally, classically trained chef in

which I’ve heard more and more about [weed] becoming

legal, it really caught my interest in wanting to cook with it

from a wellness perspective. Along with people making a lot

of money from it, so I really wanted to tie food and cannibus

together because it has so many health benefits from it. Trying

to get away form the negative stigma of it by doing something positive with


When asked what he believes the secret to his sauce is, Chef

Scotley says “I never looked at myself as a mediocre person. I

came from the inner city and took that same hustle mentality

and applied it to food. I feel me being a Chef saved my life

in a lot of different ways and it really helped me find out who

I was in general as a person, and I never wanted to be number two,

I always wanted to be number I’ve always had to work harder

than the man beside me, whether he was

White, Black or other.”

At the intersection of his aspiration and personal relationships,

Chef Scotley says time management is the necessary ingredient

to having your cake and eating it too; “Being a Chef is a

high stress job, it takes up most of your time and you basically

live in the kitchen. Wanting to become more than just a Cook,

I had to make sacrifices being away from my loved ones and

the Woman that I was with, my Son, and my Parents: relationship wise

it’s very hard and you have to [learn] to do a little

more than the average person because of the time that your

career takes up.”

One way Chef Scotley does have the advantage in romance is his knowledge

of the affect of proper nutrition on one’s sex life along with the affordable aphrodisiacs

he recommends to arouse anyone’s taste buds: “Good food from a

diet perspective is key to a great sex life. If you eat nothing but

processed foods, (as a Man Ive experienced that) you’re not

really sexually active. As a man, you won’t have the stamina

necessary to keep up with a Woman. And as a Chef, you definitely

have to please your Woman, because you won’t always

have the time to spend with her.” He continues; “ My sex life is

a positive side of my career. If you want to have fulfilling, exciting

sexual relationships, you need to eat better.” Chef Scotley

also recommends incorporating a lot of overlooked traditional

dishes in the Black community the next time you’re looking to

be turned on organically: “A lot of us overlook Okra, but Okra

and the slime has a lot of nutrients and is an aphrodisiac.

Watermelon also increases libido, and the cardiovascular system.

Avocado helps with stamina and plays a part in a man getting

back right. And in Jamaica, one reason we love our hot and

spicy foods is because it helps with the libido as well, like the

scotch bonnet pepper.”

As Chef Scotley continues to grow his legacy, he intends to

continue providing the information and resources to help his

community thrive. Be sure to stay updated on Chef Scotleys’

latest events via social media @chefscotleyinnis, or for inquiries,

email him at

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