Mr. Muse: HOBO INK

Born Brandon Allen in Montgomery, AL, the prolific visual

and tattoo artist HOBO Ink has used Atlanta, Ga and it’s

various forms of inspiration to fill canvases across the city since

2008. Like any true artist, Hobo has used his environment and

his choice of medium(s) to channel the insight necessary to

hone his craft and gain clarity about his place in the world “

I’m a real sensitive person and I take everything going on in

the world and I try to answer all of the questions that I have

for myself through my work” the creative explains. “I live in

my head for the most part so the world really doesn’t exist

except for what I make my reality, I’m not really in touch with

what [inspires] other people...I’m finding myself the more

and more I paint” This detachment is precisely what keeps

Hobo ahead of the curve creatively. In a social media era

where art often isn’t considered valid unless it’s consumed in

the digital sphere, it’s important to have Creators who aren’t

inspired solely by algorithms. As Hobo says “I don’t like social

media...I really don’t care for the attention. I hate posers,

you got some people who just draw to get some types of

likes. I don’t care for that... It don’t got shit to do with fame.

Sometimes I fail at this shit, Sometimes I want to attempt

something and I fail at it and I beat myself up don’t post it. I

got unfinished work, shit that I hate; cant stand, wont touch,

fell in love with fell out of love with....”

When asked which pieces he tends to love the most, the

answer is simple: “I find myself painting the Black Woman a

lot. Every time I touch the canvas it’s a Black Woman that

comes out and I don’t know....[They] are just God to me and

I think everyone else should see [them] like that too”.

Hobo’s love for the Black Woman doesn’t end at the canvas,

though admittedly, he like many Millennials, has had a

hard time reconciling between romance and ambition; “ I

always choose my work over her, and I’ve never had nobody

understand that. I’m a momenteer, I live in the moment.

I’m refreshing but I’m not familiar so you don’t always

know what you’re dealing with when you’re dealing with me

because I’m not consistent in one feeling, I’m not caught

up in what a Mans’ supposed to be. I have had beautiful

people come in and out of my life, but no one to stay. So

Ima wait till we bump into each other because I’ m not that

crazy about being with somebody (right now).

As Hobo mediates on his future, he continues to build a

blueprint for artistic success that is all his own and lives by the

advice he would give to other blossoming artists establishing

their brand; “Do whatever makes you tick, there are no rules

to this shit. However you get it is how you get it but you know

right from wrong. Be consciously aware of the world but also

don’t give a fuck about it at the same time because you

never know what you’re going to bring.”

Be sure to connect with Hobo on social media @hobo_

new_ink or by phone at 404.242.2552.

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