Cover Story: Feminine Mystique

Jodelle Marlia is the force and the face of the erotic art platform FemmeDusoir. Marlia is Creative Director, Poet and Muse

of the online Art house (that boasts almost 50,000 devotees on Instagram alone) and has been creating and capturing a unique brand of sensuality that is as inspiring as it is scintillating.

Marlia has “had an affinity for erotic art for as long as I can remember.” she says. The Haitian Beauty originally emigrated from her native island to that of New York city, by way of Brooklyn at 16. Marlia says the experience of coming to a new land, and learning a new language as well understanding her own identity proved a necessary tunnel with light at the end; “Migrating to the U.S. awoke my desire to discover myself in a much deeper sense. I learned English in high school, had barely any friends in College...At the time there were many empty spaces in my heart that needed to be filled and I felt like the world was this vast adventure that I wanted to have happen to Me.” It was through this lust for life that Marlia found the voice that woud become FemmeDusoir; “At the end of my college years, I regained my sense of self and started writing again.” In 2014, Marlia heeded the call of the her creativity and launched the FemmeDusoir brand, which she describes as “sensuality in motion.” Prose is a core part of the experience created within the

FemmeDusoir aesthetic and Marlia says that’s because writing is one of her biggest pleasures; “As a dreamy woman who constantly searches for a place to express herself, create and most of all escape, writing [has always been] a huge relief for me. I still find ideas, gems and even seeds of inspiration that continue to shape who I am today.” FemmeDusoir ‘s curation and exposition of erotic photography, poetry and sexual power has seen it’s ups and downs since it’s conception, however the challenges have proven to have their rewards as well.

”For me, that is a huge opportunity to talk not just about sexuality, but to reveal the story behind who we are as people when we undress ourselves to the world, to a lover, etc...for the sake of making art”.

As Marlia elaborates: “what makes building erotic art difficult is primarily the censorship that takes away from the message, censorship has definitely tried to police our bodies and silence our creative mind[s].” She continues: “The most rewarding thing in creating an erotic brand is the chance I get to rewrite the narratives, or paint my own version of what eroticism is. My art is being revealed from a female point of view, with a much more vibrant aesthetic and unique form. For me, that is a huge opportunity to talk not just about sexuality, but to reveal the story behind who we are as people when we undress ourselves to the world, to a lover, etc...for the sake of making art”. While Marlia has created a platform that informs and inspires thousands, she says she is consistently inspired by the plethora of Creatives, particularly of Color who have contributed to the narra- tive of Blackness and sexuality;

“I have been enthralled by the surge of creativity coming from Black Women content creators, never would I’d think that I would have experienced this revolutionary surge at such an intense frequency...It as is important for me to see as it is to any oth- er women to see women create, and share their experiences as they are without masking the truth, without polishing anything. There are millions of people in this world whom our stories can impact and inspire. The truth, the rawness of our lives matter, the struggles and even triumphs...all matter.” When asked where she sees herself FemmeDusoir in the next five years, Marlia says she’s been to busy building her empire but definitely knows in which direction she intends to go; “It’s hard to envision myself in the future, I have been so submerged in the present moment [but] within the next 5 years I see myself becoming a sexologist, sensual dancer and owning a production company that would solely produce erotic content. I want to become a voice for women by creating opportunities as well as providing the tools to advance in their career. My goal would be to eliminate certain problems women encounter in their pursuits in the erotic industry. Marlia and Femmedusoir will continue to grow and expand the representation of eroticism through a Black lens as the frame of whats possible becomes ever wider for the Artist; “After two years of exploring and creating with other creatives, what comes next for me and my brand may come as a surprise, since right now I am looking at the the bigger picture, in a manner I’ve never done before. My dream is bigger than me now. The way I’ve lived over the past year have established in me a deep need to connect to people. my inspiration is going through the roof, and projects are currently taking place. Now it’s the time I am looking to advance and fully master my art through various projects, and other displays.” To connect with Marlia be sure to reach out to her via email at and be sure to follow her on all social media @femmedusoir as well as stay up to date on her latest releases at

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