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the brainiac

You're smart because you like to keep things simple. You keep you're eye to the streets and can kick it about anything from  The Shaderoom to Zora Neale Hurston. You like to try new things, see new places and meet new people. We know that you know how to network but also want to meet, and learn about like minded individuals that can inspire you creatively. You crave a life filled with social awareness and dope content.  

  SAPIO Magazine has a plan for that...

the intellectual

You're into deep conversations, expose's and editorials. You actually like to read (imagine that !?!) , and enjoy the value of a good panel or conference as much as you do the thrill of a great night out. You want to cultivate a circle of other open minded people that you can debate healthcare over coffee with or unwind after hours with throughout the sexiest venues in your city. You want to see things from different perspectives and you desire unique content that you can't find anywhere else, on demand. 

    SAPIO Magazine has a plan for that...

the genius

You want more. More social commentary, more conversations about sex and sexuality and more people to mix and mingle with while discussing the aforementioned. You like the spice life has to offer and you don't mind being first in line to all the exclusives (which is often the case)  You're in the market for a new approach to nightlife and want something else in your inbox and notifications other than the same old, same old.

    SAPIO Magazine has a plan for that...  

cover story


Tyree Rainey is a professional Model and Photographer whose unique histo- ry and appetite for innovation has distinguished him from the majority of his contemporaries in virtually every way, and today he’s using his using his foun- dations as the platform to not only share his crafts with the world, but to help

others shine as well.


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the soundbyte

SAPIO Magazine has a plethora of pleasurable sounds for you to tune into to. From quick stories about sex in the city, to cerebral interviews with the country's sexiest people, head over to The Soundbyte to take a listen.  



SAPIO Magazine is a bimonthly erotic journal  highlighting the connections between intellect and sexuality throughout the African diaspora headquartered and printed in Atlanta, Ga. Created by Editor-In-Chief Keisha Mitchell, SAPIO Magazine is a lifestyle brand centered around entertaining and educating readers through original content featuring art and intellectual exposition, as well as lifestyle events  as a means  of reclaiming our narratives and preserving our space. 


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